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The Salt Path

Alan Yeo, Advisor, Yellowren Productions
November 6, 2019

“There’s a sound to breaking waves when they’re close, a sound like nothing else.” The opening lines of “The Salt Path” echoed the tumultuous events that swept Raynor Winn and her husband, Moth, from the depths of despair to find triumph and hope.

What would you do if you are in your 50s and you hit rock bottom? This true gritty memoir traces the courageous steps that the couple took when they became homeless after losing their farm and livelihood. With their dreams further shattered when Moth was diagnosed with terminal illness, they decided to walk – “if we made that first step we had somewhere to go, we had a purpose.” Hence, “we could just walk,” became the motivation for their travel narratives, as they braved a 630-mile costal walk along the South Coast Path of England.

Uplifting and heart-warming, their adventurous tale takes you along dramatic landscapes, and introduces you to the myriad people they met along the path. A walk that started on a path into the unknown began to gradually chart its course inward, revealing an inspiring and miraculous human strength and capacity for endurance.

“The Salt Path” contains gems about life, people and home. Most people do not give much thought to the meaning of “home,” when they have shelter over their head. Raynor rediscovers the meaning of home as a “state of mind, it’s what makes you feel safe – and you don’t need walls for that.”

The book’s accolades include The Sunday Times Bestseller, winner of The Royal Society of Literature Christopher Bland Prize and it is shortlisted for the 2018 Costa Biography Award & Wainwright Golden Beer Book Prize 2018.

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