Yellowren Internship

We welcome students who are passionate about the arts and our community. Yellowren provides the environment for interns to learn and grow by applying the process of praxis where concepts and creations are actualised in the following spaces:

Transformative Arts

  • Arts-based assessment
  • Curriculum Design
  • Resource Design

Arts Festival

  • Community Engagement
  • Event Management
  • Publicity
  • Space Design


  • Online Production
  • Screenwriting
  • Content Creation
  • Craft Design

Internship Experience

Patricia Mae Britania
Year 3, Diploma in Psychology Studies, Ngee Ann Polytechnic, 2020
“My internship at Yellowren Productions (YRP) has been a refreshing journey. While moving into the working world may be dreadful for others, I personally find my experience in YRP an exciting one. I was handed various opportunities to use my academic skill set and was often encouraged to make active contributions to projects I had been assigned with. YRP's nurturing environment has left a profound impact on my working experience. Apart from having opportunities in applying the theoretical knowledge I already possess, YRP continuously spurred me to acquire deeper knowledge in my area of study through materials they shared. By doing so, I saw their intentional effort in working with each individual to grow in the organisation. In fact, the entire team helps one another grow by providing assistance and imparting knowledge when needed. All of these elements have created a safe platform for me to continually learn and grow. YRP has not only helped mould my skills, but also my character.”
Gladys Ong
Year 4, Integrated Programme, Raffles Girls’ School, 2021
“My Work Experience Programme at Yellowren Productions (YRP) has been invigorating and truly eye-opening. Working with the staff at YRP is an enriching experience, which left a deep impact on my working experience. I was able to apply my academic knowledge and challenge myself with tasks that made me think out of the box. Aside from the occasions that I was able to apply my knowledge, I also learnt invaluable skills that equip me better for the working world. Along the way, I received valuable tips that taught me to be a better presenter, and reading materials that widen my knowledge. The YRP team also seeks to develop every individual holistically by providing quality and detailed feedback that builds on their strengths. These factors led to an enjoyable working experience at YRP which nurtured my skills and my mindset. ”
Gwen Kyla Lim
Year 2, Diploma in Community Development, Ngee Ann Polytechnic, 2022
“My intern experience here at Yellowren Productions (YRP) has been rather interesting and exciting. Initially, I was unsure of what to expect, and was afraid that I would not be able to integrate well with the company. However, YRP boasts a highly nurturing and encouraging environment, which allowed me to forge meaningful relationships with everyone and increase my confidence in my abilities as time went by. I was provided several opportunities to step out of my comfort zone and to be more active in the arts, such as through educating students during the Transformative Arts Programme. Through these, YRP constantly challenged me to grow towards becoming a better version of myself, while teaching me the importance of teamwork and accountability simultaneously. In addition to that, I was also able to utilise my theoretical knowledge while completing assigned tasks. Altogether, my experience interning at YRP is unforgettable as it revealed more about the working world, and allowed me to learn and grow while trying out new things.”

This internship is open to all ITE, JC and Polytechnic students.
Please indicate the following in your application:
・Available period for Internship
・Course of Study
・Education Institution
・Work Experience if any  

Documents to include in your application:
Cover Letter
Documents to include in your application:
・Cover Letter
We look forward to your application.