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Guilt-free Garden Salad

Linton Warren Ng, Sales Manager with a passion for food
November 6, 2019

These are the ingredients that you will need:

  • 1 romaine lettuce
  • 0.5 Kg sweet potato (orange)
  • Half a family size box of seedless red grapes
  • 1 small pack of 10 to 15 shitake mushrooms
  • 1 box of pea sprouts (or 1 bundle of watercress)
  • 1 can of red kidney beans in brine
  • 1 Japanese cucumber
  • 1 box of cherry tomatoes
  • 300g of almond
  • 1 big red onion
  • olive oil
  • mixed Italian herbs
  • salt and black pepper

Suggestions to prepare the ingredients this way:

  1. Romaine - Slice the romaine lettuce into squares after rinse and spin-dry.
  2. Sweet potato - Peel and slice into small chunks.  Toss chunks into a big salad-tossing bowl and drizzle them with olive oil. Toast them in oven or air-fryer for 15 to 20 min till soft and slight browning all-round.

Note: You may substitute with Soba noodles.

  1. Seedless Red Grapes – Rinse and slice them into halves.
  2. Shitake mushrooms – Rinse them under tap water, slice them and set them aside for light pan frying later.
  3. Pea Sprouts – Chop off any roots, rinse under tap to remove any soil. Spin-dry them and chop into index-finger lengths.

Note: Heat 2 tbsps of olive oil in a pan, quick-fry chopped garlic. Sauté the Pea Sprouts and Shitake mushrooms.

  1. Red kidney beans – Brush can under tap water before opening. Use strainer to rinse kidney beans under tap to remove brine.
  2. Japanese cucumber – Use a potato peeler to remove the skin. Chop them into small chunks.
  3. Cherry tomatoes – Rinse and slice in halves.
  4. Red Onion – Remove first layer, and slice thinly.
  5. Sliced Almonds – Toast them till slight browning.


  • Assemble all of the above ingredients in a big salad bowl for tossing. Drizzle olive oil again and stir until you see all areas of your salad has the ‘shine’.
  • Sprinkle salt, black pepper, and Italian herbs mix for taste and aroma.
  • Store in chiller overnight, and it’s ready to serve.

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