Capsuling and Thrifting

Nina Neo, Undergraduate, SIT Glasgow School of Arts
June 11, 2020

It was an eye opener diving deeper into the Japanese culture and its way of life.

As an artist and design student, I love experiencing new things, getting inspired by everyday scenarios and experiencing different ideas and possibilities. Hence, I pushed myself to discover new places in Tokyo such as staying in a capsule hotel for a night and immersing in the thrifting culture.

Staying in a capsule hotel was both thrilling and scary, being my first time staying on my own in a foreign country. The checking in process was very smooth. I went up to my pod and was pleasantly surprised by how spacious it was. Unlike the horror stories I heard, the capsule hotel went above and beyond my expectations. I did not hear a sound from the other pods throughout the night. The quiet factor was a plus point and I was well rested.  

The thrifting culture is much more prevalent in Japan as compared to Singapore. The thrill of discovering a flea market happening on the weekend was a great feeling. The actual process of traveling and walking through the flea market was even better! The best part of the trip is when you rampage through a pile of clothing to find a gem at an insanely low price! I hope Singapore could adopt and cultivate a community as such to help with the fast fashion situation.

These small trips around Tokyo was the inspiration for my latest series, "Animal Attac" that was showcased at Yellowren Japan. I hope to be able to visit Tokyo again to explore more nooks and crannies.

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