Yellowren & The
Singing Loft

We believe that the benefits of music go beyond the classroom settings to enable students to pursue their dreams and aspirations.

Because of this, Yellowren has partnered withThe Singing Loft ( since 26 February 2015, providing singing classes for financially challenged students in Yishun.

Vocal & Singing

The Vocal & Singing programme is conducted by qualified and passionate instructors from The Singing Loft, a professional vocal training institute that partners Yellowren to impart quality vocal techniques to our students.

Students will learn how to find their own voice and use it to communicate. Students are given the tools to express themselves through sound while also learning how to perform. The emphasis is on learning together in order to bring out each individual's strength. This course is ideal for students wishing to express themselves as individuals and as part of a community.


Jessica Tea
Jessica obtained Grade 8 Distinction in Popular Music Vocals, a full certificate in CCM Pedagogy Music Conservatory– Level III Certified Somatic VoiceworkTM (United States, Winchester) from Shenandoah University. She has also sharpened her skills by learning from industry veterans including Marcelle Gauvin (Somatic VoiceworkTM Vocal Trainer), Lawrence Goldberg (Broadway Vocals Trainer, New York, USA) among many notable others.