Past Festivals
Saturday, 26 Aug.  10:00am – 7:00pm

Festival Highlights

Island Creamery Gelato

Kerbside Gourmet
Momolato Popsicles
Artworks & Workshops:
30 Chairs
Arts by SAMH
Arts for All
Art Jamming by Paintertainment Asia
From Routes To Roots
Gout Touche by Chef Ken Ng
Inter-School Canvas Art
Love the World Photo Booth
Red & Yellow, Black & White
Rhythmic Art
Transformative Arts (Evergreen Secondary
School & Yio Chu Kang Secondary School)
Better Than Kings
DMAT @ Singapore Polytechnic
EV Dance
Inter-School Modern Dance
Matt & Kim Hartley


‘Love The World’ is the theme of our festival. We live in a society and world where it is easy to be inward-looking instead of furthering the cause of our community and loving what is placed in our stewardship.

About the Festival

Our 2017 festival seeks to inspire audience and participants to love our community and our world through practical ways just as how we are loving the world through art, music and food. The festival is held at Lower Seletar Reservoir Park, drawing participants from schools, social services and artists from various fields.

Festival Cause

Get Cape. Wear Cape. Fly.

Cape of Colours ( is a registered charity that strives to build the dreams of students in need to develop their full potential through education.  Cape of Colours offers financial aid, award scholarships, provide free tuition and forge partnerships with schools. Cape of Colours is the festival cause and beneficiary of Yellowren Productions. Visit their booth to learn what they do and how you can support their cause.

Guest of Honour

Spring Tan is a lawyer and partner at Withers KhattarWong. She has been in practice for almost 20 years and is experienced in commercial litigation, international arbitration, adjudication and mediation. In addition, Spring has a keen interest in Sports Law. She has successfully completed the Certificate Programme in Sports Arbitration organized by the Asian International Arbitration Centre, and has assisted with the appeals panels in one of the world sports federation in arbitration and preparing the final award. Spring is also an accredited Mediator with the Singapore International Mediation Institute.

Festival Director

Tan Suet Ferng started her career in education and urban planning. She obtained her MA degree in Urban Studies from Eastern University in Philadelphia specializing in community arts. She received training in designing and facilitating arts-based programme in trauma intervention. She has worked alongside local and international artists and therapists in creating art experiences for a diverse population including refugees, at risk youth and the elderly.

Co-Festival Director

Mae Ng is an environment designer helping her clients with exhibition space planning and layout. Mae’s expertise and experience includes interior design, 3-D design and modelling with forte in permanent exhibit such as Museum and Modular stands. She has worked for companies like City Neon, Pico Art, Experience Matters Events, Freeman and undertook overseas projects in Sydney, Doha and Maldives. Mae is passionate about the arts and plays a key role in transforming Lower Seletar Reservoir Park into a beautiful arts space for the festival.

Highlights from the 2017 Festival

Winner of Yellowren Modern Dance Competition 2017: