The theme for our festival is “Redemption: Environment I Technology I Society”.
With the recent crisis, we realize life is indeed a series of choices and we can embrace the opportunities to make right the wrong in our world. Be it medical crisis, climate change, technology misuse or disconnected communities, they present platforms where we can relook at the way we live. To make new choices in renewing the world we live in.

About The Festival
Amidst the pandemic, we received a heartwarming response from a total of 87 teams across the Primary and Secondary Schools in Singapore, who participated in our 6 th Yellowren Inter-school Canvas Art competition in a decentralized format. Artwork from the finalists were showcased at 10 Square @ Orchard Central as well as at the Woodlands Regional Library. Community art workshops were also held at the Woodlands Regional Library, bringing cheers in the season of uncertainty.
Festival Calendar
Aug 27 – Sep 17
Yellowren Inter-school Canvas Art Competition (Decentralised)

Nov 5 & 6
Exhibition @ 10 Square, Orchard Central
Nov 23 – Dec 9
Exhibition @ Woodlands Regional Library

Dec 4
Community Art Workshops @ Woodlands Regional Library