Past Festivals
We have experienced unprecedented challenges across the globe over the past few months. Programmes and events needed to be put on hold so we can all focus our efforts on combating Covid-19. As such, we will be postponing our bi-annual Yellowren Arts Festival to August 2021.

With anticipation, we await our 6th festival in 2021 where we can come together in celebration.

The theme for our festival in 2021 will be “Redemption: Environment I Technology I Society”.

With the recent crisis, we realize life is indeed a series of choices and we can embrace the opportunities to make right the wrong in our world. Be it medical crisis, climate change, technology misuse or disconnected communities, they present platforms where we can relook at the way we live. To make new choices in renewing the world we live in.

Let us slow down and reflect this season. Let us take care of ourselves and those around us.Meanwhile, there’s no stopping us from loving, breathing, listening and singing!

Stay well and we’ll reconnect with you at Yellowren Arts Festival 2021!